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Hisense Split AC 1.5HP Inverter

Super Cooling
Gold Fin



The Hisense 1.5HP Split Unit Inverter AC is designed to provide a powerful yet comfortable cooling performance, its unique triangular design has a wider intake, so more air can be drawn in. The improved width and angle of its outlet, extra v-blades, and a bigger fan also ensure that air is cooled and expelled faster and further to reach every corner of your room without missing a spot.

Its Triple Protect System prevents your unit’s compressor from being overloaded by power surges and fluctuating electric currents via a built-in voltage stabilizer. It also has an anti-corrosive coating that stops the condenser and cabinet from rusting.

Additionally, its larger condenser and optimized refrigerant (R410 Gas) flow mean it can endure extremely hot temperatures, with increased efficiency as compared to other split unit air conditioners in the market.

Copper Inverter Yes
R410 Gas Yes
Cooling Capacity (12000 Btu/H) – 3400 W
Copper Condenser Yes
Super Cooling Gold Fin Yes
Rated Power 1550W/7.5A
Voltage/Frequency 220-240 V / 50Hz
Power Input / Current 1200W/5.3 A

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